About Chris

When I came up with the idea to identify music out of thin air, everyone said it was impossible. I then embarked on a journey to make it possible through not just one, but many innovations. I have continued to invent new things and learn from amazing innovators during 8 years at Google, 4 years at Dropbox and as founder of my new company, Guard.
I like to create magic
Shazam: Founder & First CEO
(Acquired by Apple in 2018 for reported $400 million)
I am passionate about impact
Guard: Founder & CEO
(Artificial intelligence to prevent drowning in swimming pools)
I love to collaborate with amazing people
Google: As the first Google employee focused on mobile, I created from scratch the carrier partnership framework for Search and Android.
I know how to roll up my sleeves
Dropbox: I joined this scrappy startup with just 90 employees to build their mobile business.
I like to invent things
12 Patents Granted
(Inventions for Shazam, Google, and Dropbox)
I am not shy of the camera
I have learned how to overcome challenges
I struggled with dyslexia but still managed to earn a Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley, a Master’s degree from Cambridge University, and an MBA from UC Berkeley.
2 Billion
by Apple
$400 Million
1 Amazing

About Shazam

Innovation at Shazam started with a breakthrough invention and then followed a fascinating 18 year journey across changing platforms, technologies, and business models. Ultimately Shazam was acquired by Apple for a reported $400 million, Apple’s 6th largest acquisition of all time. Shazam has had over 2 billion downloads and is one of the world’s most popular apps.


Unforgettable Keynotes that Transform Organizations

Chris delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes that transform organizations by changing the way we think. He tells first-hand stories about creating Shazam when everyone said it was impossible. His keynotes are cinematic and rich with inspiration, humor, music, and emotions. See amazing facts about Shazam here.
Founder of
Pioneer at Google
& Dropbox
Inventor of 12
Three Time Tech
Keynote clients describe Chris’s “powerful content” that “generates talkability across the organization” and that “will stick for years to come.” (see testimonials)
Chris has identified five ways of thinking differently. He calls them “Start from Zero”. They are fundamentally different than our default ways of thinking. Some of these methods were used by Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Leonardo Da Vinci. Disruptive startups use this thinking to reshape the future. So should you.

Chris also delivers virtual keynotes from his studio equipped with live camera switching, professional lighting/sound, and home-brewed coffee.

Chris has transformed audiences of leading brands and organizations around the world with inspiring keynotes and moderated conversations such as this one with Tony Robbins.

Keynote Topic:


Disrupt Your Thinking. Defy Barriers. Inspire Delight.

From the moment Chris Barton dreamt up Shazam, he was told identifying songs out of thin air was impossible. His path from a dream to a $400 million acquisition by Apple is a story out of a Hollywood movie. It’s Chris’s story and insights that gives people the inspiration and tools to accomplish big things within their own organizations. Chris customizes the emphasis of this presentation for each individual audience. He introduces lessons learned from founding Shazam, as well as his pioneering involvement with Android at Google and mobile partnerships at Dropbox. Concepts like “creative persistence” and his Start from Zero methodology are new ways of thinking and overcoming barriers. Startups use these concepts to tackle insurmountable obstacles, and you should too. Make big things happen and create Shazam-like magic in defiance of all odds.

The format can be a presentation or moderated conversation. Chris can tailor an inspiring message on creativity, innovation, leadership, resilience, collaboration, and more. Audiences learn how to make big things happen by:

  • Questioning the familiar to distill to the basic truths
  • Overcoming barriers with creative persistence
  • Remaining focused on core insights despite resistance
  • Making things simple and friction-free
  • Replacing “uninspiring” with “delightful” by connecting to emotions
The audience is provided with a one-page PDF summary of Start from Zero.



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