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Unforgettable Keynotes

Chris’s delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes that transform innovation mindsets within organizations. He is an expert in the unique mindsets that lead to game-changing innovation.

Chris is the creator and first CEO of Shazam, three-time startup founder, a pioneer of mobile partnerships at Google and Dropbox, an advisor to startup companies, inventor of 12 patents including one found within the Google search algorithm, and a former strategy consultant serving many industries.

Keynote clients have highlighted Chris’s “powerful content” that “generated talkability across the organization” and that “will stick for years to come.”

Reboot Your Innovation Mindset

Everyday, entrepreneurs at agile startups out-innovate established organizations. Why does so much value-creation come from these mavericks? Their advantage lies within their mindsets.

The mindsets of entrepreneurs have roots in defiance and vulnerability. Boldly challenging perspectives and outsized conviction can seem unorthodox. However these very mindsets crush stagnant thinking and uncover hidden opportunities.

A Different Way of Thinking

One core part of the Start from Zero movement is thinking from “first principles.” Aristotle called these “the first basis from which a thing is known.” Building on these fundamental truths is how Elon Musk, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and Henry Ford came up with their break-through ideas.

Why doesn’t everyone do this? Elon Musk says “It’s mentally easier to reason by analogy rather than from first principles.” By default, people approach problems from the basis of established processes. Our brains are wired this way. New ideas often generate only slight improvements.

This different way of thinking can be employed anytime creative thought is used. The result can be dramatic improvements in products, business models, and business processes.

This is how Shazam was created. Unleash the creative genius within your organization by reframing your thinking.

Keynote Topics

Chris believes every keynote should be crafted for your audience and goals. He creates customized messages and unique experiences to achieve the results you need.

His keynotes include methodologies and surprising insights that are brought to life in first-hand stories and tales from across industries. Takeaways can be applied immediately.

The audience will leave with:

  • Inspired perspectives on unique innovation mindsets
  • Simple frameworks to employ learnings
  • Energy and motivation to adopt new thinking
  • A plan of action to reignite innovation
Chris also delivers virtual talks from his state-of-the-art virtual studio that includes multiple cameras with live switching, integrated presentation view, and professional lighting/sound equipment.
I have helped many global brands and organizations supercharge their innovation.


About Chris

When I came up with the idea to identify music out of thin air, everyone said it was impossible. I then embarked on a journey to make it possible through not just one, but many innovations. I have continued to innovate and learn from amazing innovators during 8 years at Google, 4 years at Dropbox and as founder of my new company, Guard.
I like to create magic
Shazam: Founder & First CEO
(Acquired by Apple in 2018 for reported $400 million)
I am passionate about impact
Guard: Founder & CEO
(Artificial intelligence to prevent drowning in swimming pools)
I love to collaborate with amazing people
Google: As the first Google employee focused on mobile, I flew around the world to forge partnerships with mobile phone companies.
I know how to roll up my sleeves
Dropbox: I joined this scrappy startup with just 90 employees to build their mobile business.
I like to invent things
12 Patents Granted
(Inventions for Shazam, Google, and Dropbox)
I am not shy of the camera
I have learned how to overcome challenges
I struggled with dyslexia but still managed to earn a Bachelor’s from UC Berkeley, a Master’s degree from Cambridge University, and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

About Shazam

Innovation at Shazam started with a break-through invention and then followed a fascinating 18 year journey across changing platforms, technologies, and business models. Ultimately Shazam was acquired by Apple for a reported $400 million, Apple’s 6th largest acquisition of all time.



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