Entrepreneur Keynote Speaker

& Founder of Shazam

12 Patents

2+ Billion Users

$400m Acquisition

1 Incredible Story

I struggled with dyslexia but still managed to earn a Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley, a Master’s degree from Cambridge University, and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Who is Chris Barton?

I like to create magic

Shazam: Founder &  First CEO

(Acquired by Apple in 2018 for reported $400 million)
I know how to roll up my sleeves
Dropbox: I joined this scrappy startup with just 90 employees to build their mobile business.
I am passionate about impact

Guard: Founder & its CEO

(Artificial intelligence to prevent drowning in swimming pools)
I like to invent things
12 Patents Granted
(Inventions for Shazam, Google, and Dropbox)
I love to collaborate with amazing people
Google: As the first Google employee focused on mobile, I created from scratch the carrier partnership framework for Search and Android.
I am not shy of the camera

Entrepreneur Keynote Topic

Agile startup scontinuously disrupt markets and redefine product categories, driving incumbents into spiralling decline. Their secret weapon is very simple-they think differently.

In these times of accelerating change, both leaders and teams must learn to see through the lens of these disruptive entrepreneurs in order to avoid the threat of becoming irrelevant. With new ways of thinking, incumbents can become visionary innovators and achieve meteoric growth.

Drawing on authentic first-hand stories from founding Shazam as well pioneering the Android ecosystem at Google and mobile at Dropbox, Chris uncovers five “Start from Zero” methods of disruptive thinking. These are not the ways we are wired to think, but startups use them. So should you!

This customized experience provides insights on how to:

  • Reinvent ideation approaches to achieve break-through ideas
  • Overcome the biggest barriers on the innovation path
  • Remain focused on critical insights despite tremendous resistance
  • Eliminate friction that plagues products & frustrates customers
  • Replace “uninspiring” with “delightful” by connecting to emotions

Adopt a mindset that leads to magic for your customers. Drive growth and secure the pole position in your future.

Chris also makes custom programs on entreprenuership for certain events.

Chris also delivers virtual talks from his state-of-the-art studio that includes multiple cameras with live switching, integrated presentation view, professional lighting/sound equipment, and home-brewed coffee.

Chris has helped many global brands and organizations supercharge their innovation through his keynote speaking.

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