Anshika Grover

“Chris’s virtual speech about “Innovation Mindset” was a hit with over 3,000 of our employees! In addition to being inspiring and entertaining, he was very on-message with our theme that innovation is the responsibility of every single employee at Optus. Chris spoke about how innovation can be a big breakthrough, but it can also be […]


“I have MC’d more than 500 events around the world with amazing speakers that have included Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Jessica Alba and Formula One Racers. Normally when I MC, I come from backstage when I hear the big applause signifying the end of the keynote. When Chris spoke at an event that I MC’d, […]

Sarah Lietz

“Chris was awesome. Some of the feedback from our executives in attendance included: Powerful message…Loved the message about starting with the end user and working backwards… and Very inspirational” Sarah Lietz Chief Experience Officer Members Development Company

Michael Locher-Tjoa

“Chris’s keynote completely captivated our audience of 1700+ SAP customers, partners, and employees. His talk was truly entertaining and inspiring. Our audience’s perception of entrepreneurial innovation was completely transformed.” Michael Locher-Tjoa Managing Director SAP Switzerland

Thomas Mosch

“Chris was an inspiring and sincere keynote speaker. His talk was very engaging … the audience was fascinated by his personal insights on entrepreneurship and business strategy. Very on point, with a convincing message!” Thomas MoschHead of CEBIT d!talkCEBIT

Marc Coleman

“Chris is a charismatic speaker who shared his inspiring story of how a seemingly impossible dream with unsurmountable obstacles eventually came to life. In a very personal and honest tone, Chris shared the many lessons learned from the challenges of creating Shazam – from the power of persuasion and convincing people to believe in their […]

Diana Flutur

“Chris Barton’s fireside conversation with Kasia Madera, BBC World News, was the headline of the Conference, which gathered 1000 senior marketing professionals. His remarks had people riveted, and offered both high-level insight, meaningful content and actionable ideas on how to lead and build a prosperous business. He had a very human approach to his speech, […]


“Chris Barton is an incredibly engaging speaker-our enthusiastic YPO’ers were very inspired by his accomplishments and foresight. His personal insights on business development and strategies to strengthen bonds within the fraternity were enlightening, and a definite take home learning for us. In fact his motivational speech left us hungry for more!Sincerely wish him the very […]